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Contoh Descriptive Text English

Contoh Descriptive Text English – Setelah sebelumnya kita membahas tentang Precedure Text, kopihijau akan memberikan informasi ke teman teman tentang Descriptive Text. Arti dari descriptive Text sendiri adalah teks yang menggambarkan atau memberikan keterangan tentang orang, hewan, tempat dan lain lain. Dijelaskan secara khusus dan detail bukan secara umum

Di dalam Descriptive Text ada dua hal penting yang harus kita ketahui yaitu pada bagian Identification, merupakan penjelasan tentang identifikasi tentang sesuatu yang akan di jelaskan, bagian kedua adalah Description atau penjelasan secara terperinci tentang sesuatu yang di jelaskan tersebut.

Untuk lebih jelasnya kita bisa melihat Contoh Descriptive Text English di bawah ini

Contoh Descriptive Text English Untuk Hewan

Kita akan belajar menjelaskan tentang hewan menurut Descriptive Text. Kita akan mengenal ” What is Pigeons “, untuk penjelasannya bisa di lihat di bawah ini

What is Pigeons ?

Pigeons and doves are stout-bodied birds with short necks and short slender beak. Species commonly known as “pigeon” is the feral rock pigeon, common in many cities.
pigeon cage building of twigs and other detritus, which are placed in trees, ledges, or ground, depending on the species. They incubate one or two eggs, and both parents care for their children so, who will leave the nest after 7 to 28 days. Doves feed on seeds, fruit and plants. Unlike most other birds (but see flamingo also), pigeons produce “crop milk.” Both sexes produce this highly nutritious substance to feed their children.

Pigeons are often used as a symbol of peace by humans and is often depicted holding a leaf OLIVE, according to records previously been used pigeons to send a letter with a letter on his feet tied.

Contoh Descriptive Text English Untuk Orang / Artis

Setelah mengenal descriptive Text tentang hewan, sekarang kita akan mencoba mengenal Descriptive Text English judul yang ambil adalah kita mengenal penyanyi yang terkenal di Indonesia yang selalu ada berita buat dia ” Who is Syahrini “. Untuk lebih jelasnya kita lihat di bawah ini

Who is Syahrini ?

Syahrini is a singer whose name began to rise thanks to a duet with Anang Story by singing “Jangan Memilih Aku“. Anang Syahrini closeness and began to look as they duet on stage Anang Syahrini kissed back. Their relationship is expected to continue into the aisle. Together with Anang, Syahrini also briefly starred in several commercials. Name Syahrini began often called – called by the public. The relationship did not last long with Syahrini Anang. After they split up for a duet not anymore, reports circulating that Anang Syahrini and admonished not greet each other. Anang Syahrini was looking for a replacement and found Asyanti.

Biodata and Foto Syahrini

Name : Rini Fatimah Jaelani

Populer Name : Syahrini

Birthday : 01 August 1980, bogor, Indonesia

Relegion: Islam
Hobby : Berkuda
Study : Sarjana Hukum Univ. Pakuan Bogor
Nationality : Indonesia

Itulah Contoh Descriptive Text English yang bisa kita pelajari, mudah bukan bila kita mempelajarinya dengan santai tidak kaku. Mungkin kalau di depan kelas tidak begitu di cerna di otak, bila kita pelajari lewat internet akan lebih cepat di mengerti. Selamat Belajar Contoh Descriptive Text English

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